Campaign Manager and Character Tool are companion applications for the 
Role Playing Game system Hârnmaster and Hârnworld, published by Columbia Games.

GM Character Tool 3 is a character generator that assists users of the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game Hârnmaster in creating, managing and storing characters.

Hârnmaster is a fantasy game that emphasizes character development and combat realism using an unique interactive skill system.

GM Character Tool 3 supports Harnmaster 3 (HM3), the latest version of the Harnmaster rules from Columbia Games. Character Tool 3 may also be used in conjunction with Harnmaster Core (HMC), although some adaption needs to be done.


Campaign Manager is an aid for the Game Master when planning, researching, documenting, and organizing role-playing sessions and campaigns.

It includes extensive support and information from Hârnworld, a highly detailed and realistic medieval fantasy world published by Columbia Games, as well as support for Columbia Games fantasy role-playing game Hârnmaster.