Character Tool 3.2.0

Finally, after spending many late nights developing, testing and in general improving Character Tool, it is now available for download. I would like to extend my thanks the beta testers, among them Scott Pfeiffer, Ian McKinnon and Mike Kuehn. Your help with testing has been invaluable – if it weren’t for you, 3.2.0 would be Read more about Character Tool 3.2.0[…]

Character Tool 3.2.0 in the works

Work is progressing on Character Tool 3.2.0, which will provide a number of bug fixes and improvements. One of the improvements is export and import of settings, allowing users to share the same equipment, weapons, spells etc.

Problems with Java 1.6.0_b20

After the latest Java upgrade (Version 6 build 1.6.0_20-b02) a plugin required for Character Tool 3 stopped working properly, causing problems when opening the application – it will fail almost right away, and then quit. See the Support page for more information.