The stories of



From sea, the Shield maiden Saga Grimsdotter arrives together with the able-bodied seaman Frejdrik. As they beach the small Pinda they observe three magnificient dragon ships, also beached, flying colours from three mighty kingdoms – Menglana, Rogna and Seldenbaal. Their crew is milling about and unloading what appears to be gifts that are to be presented to the Kings youngest daughter, Turina, who soon will become 13 years and thus a prospect of marriage.

At the beach, the Kings aunt Hildebryth Thoryn awaits the arrival of her protege, seemingly unpertubed by the commotion the forreign Ivinans causes. Hildebryth, herself a former shield maiden, is feared by the thralls in the Kings household since she openly defies the Kings first wife’s, Olyga, in who has the last say in running the household.  

We also see a young man, Olof, jump ashore from the Rogna dragon ship, after working his passage from Rogna to Thoryheim. As he overviews the chaos on the beach, he decides to walk up towards the gates – we later find him tending smaller cuts and bruises of both freemen and thralls. Perhaps he is a healer?

From the north we see two men approaching Thoryheim – it is the Blacksmith Bonk and his newly found friend Storm Skallagrin, a travelling skald who got to learn Bonk on the passage back from Menglana, where Bonks ship traded with metals and smaller jewelry. They make their way to the smithy of Clan Dagen, where Hildbryn Dagen greets them and invites them to the house for a warm cup of ale, and some storytelling where Frejdrik also joins, being a part of the same Clan.

Later on, in the afternoon, Bonk, Storm and Frejdrik, Saga and Olof all join forces when a group of unruly foreign sailors acts rudely. Faced with the four men, led by a determined shield maiden, the sailors retreat to the beach; in this they are helped by one of the Rogna nobles. They split up, but later that very afternoon meet up again after seeks them out after she has received a premonition connected to the mysterious cages that where unloaded from the Rogna ships. As it where, her suspicion turns out to be correct – they find the cages pried open, seemingly from the outside, and the mysterious animals contained inside gone.

Then, a distant scream alerts them to the fact that maybe the creatues have been found…