GM Character Tool 4 is a character generator that assists users of the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game Hârnmaster in creating, managing and storing characters.

It is almost identical with version 3, but is now provided by Columbia Games free of charge.

Hârnmaster is a fantasy game that emphasizes character development and combat realism using an unique interactive skill system.

GM Character Tool 4 supports Harnmaster 3 (HM3), the latest version of the Harnmaster rules from Columbia Games. Character Tool 4 may also be used in conjunction with Harnmaster Core (HMC), although some adaption needs to be done.


  • Random generation of almost fully-developed characters, ranging from inexperienced farmers to veteran knights and priests or Shek Pvar (mages).
  • Major or Minor characters may be created depending on need for more or less detail.
  • Export and import of major characters allow for sharing of characters between Player Character Tool 3 and GM Character Tool 3.
  • Groups – allows the user to sort characters into groups for easy overview. Main characters may be cloned to allow for quick creation of adversaries.
  • Combats cards in color or black and white may be printed with critical combat information displayed.
  • Battle list with characters (including cloned characters) in Initiative order, displaying critical combat information and space for noting injuries and status.
  • Skills, spells, rituals, equipment, steeds , etc., are configurable.
  • Each character can use multiple steeds.


The application should be possible to run on most most Mac OS versions up to, and including, 10.15 (Catalina) as well as Windows 8 and 10. It has also been shown to run on the latest release, 11.1 (Big Sur), but as of 2019 support for compiling runtime versions has ben ended by Claris.

Thus, any major change to the underpinnings of Windows and MacOS may impact the functionality of the applications. Fingers crossed that this won’t happen for some time!



Product number: 1000
Latest Version: 4.1.1
Release date: April 2024
Online manual available here.

Published April 2024
  • Fixed issue with Craft and lore skills not displaying correctly on print layout (thanks to Philipp Kullman).
  • Corrected skill “Glasswork” to be “Glassworking” (thanks to Philipp Kullman).
  • Fixed issue with “Craft and Lore” not being properly renamed from “Lore/Craft” (thanks to Philipp Kullman).
  • Added Latest News tab allowing for news updates.
  • Revise armour and weapon input and data storage method to be same as for characters.
  • Revise Funds, Gems & Jewelry input and storage method to be same as for equipment etc.
  • Improve Group management.
  • Re-introduce export and import of files.
  • Syntax check for occupation skills when creating or editing an occupation.
  • Stop dependence on plugin “Scriptmaster”
  • Suppport for Minor NPC’s will be depreciated in coming updates – do not rely on this functionality.