Campaign Manager 2 is a refreshed and rejuvinated version of the, by now, venerable Campaign Manager1. The major change is the user interface, with minor bug fixes, but cannot for technical reasons automatically import data from Campaign Manager 1.

Campaign Manager 2 will be be provided by Columba Games free of charge.

It includes extensive support for, and information from, Hârnworld, a highly detailed and realistic medieval fantasy world published by Columbia Games, as well as support for Columbia Games fantasy role-playing game Hârnmaster.


  • Chronicles: Record campaign history, player chronicles, and secret notes.
  • Events: Displays single or recurring events, such as religious or cultural festivals. All religious and other events are included. Edit or add events as desired. Weather is generated daily according to the Hârnworld weather tables.
  • Notes: Store campaign notes including graphics and text.
  • Establishments: Manage price-lists for establishments and print menus or lists for specific establishments. Extensive establishment information is included from the current printed material.
  • Random generation: Randomly generate treasure from the Hârnmaster 3rd edition Treasure tables or encounters from the Campaign tables. Random names based on more than 1600 Hârnworld names.
  • Bestiary: A Bestiary with HârnMaster stats is included.
  • Treasure: Valuable items and artefacts can be stored and tracked using owners name or item ID number.
  • Travel organizer: Add, edit and store routes such as the Salt route with travel-time for each leg of the route.
  • eHârndex: A searchable database of all the entries in Harndex, with the possibility to expand with entries from Ivinia and Shorkyne regional modules as well as the users own entries. Geographical locations can be shown on a regional map, including enlargements of map co-ordinates.


The application should be possible to run on most most Mac OS versions up to, and including, 10.15 (Catalina) as well as Windows 8 and 10. It has also been shown to run on the latest release, 11.1 (Big Sur), but as of 2019 support for compiling runtime versions has ben ended by Claris.

Thus, any major change to the underpinnings of Windows and MacOS may impact the functionality of the applications. Fingers crossed that this won’t happen for some time!



Product number: 1006
Latest Version: 2.0.2
Release date: January 2024


  • Updated about-screen and improved change information.
  • Set default view size to “Normal” instead of “Tiny”.
  • Inclusion of minor revision in filename.
  • Fixed issue with default data not available in 2.0.1(thanks to several for pointing this out).


  • Added upgrade functionality.
  • Merged Travel database into main database.
  • Fixed issue with random possessions (thanks to Michael Perry).
  • Improved upgrade functionality.
  • Added version detection for future upgrades.


  • Merge Encounter database into main database.