Character Tool 4.1.1 available

Character Tool 4.1.1 available1

  • Fixed issue with Craft and lore skills not displaying correctly on print layout (thanks to Philipp Kullman).
  • Corrected skill “Glasswork” to be “Glassworking” (thanks to Philipp Kullman).
  • Fixed issue with “Craft and Lore” not being properly renamed from “Lore/Craft” (thanks to Philipp Kullman).
  • Added Latest News tab allowing for news updates.

IMPORTANT: The application should be possible to run on most most Mac OS versions up to, and including, 10.15 (Catalina) as well as Windows 8 and 10. It has also been shown to run on the latest release, 11.1 (Big Sur), but as of 2019 support for compiling runtime versions has ben ended by Claris.