Character Tool 4.1.1 available

Character Tool 4.1.1 available1 Fixed issue with Craft and lore skills not displaying correctly on print layout (thanks to Philipp Kullman). Corrected skill “Glasswork” to be “Glassworking” (thanks to Philipp Kullman). Fixed issue with “Craft and Lore” not being properly renamed from “Lore/Craft” (thanks to Philipp Kullman). Added Latest News tab allowing for news updates. Read more about Character Tool 4.1.1 available[…]

Character Tool 3.3.0 available

New Added automatic creation of default folders (Import, Export and Upgrade) if not present in the root folder. Changes Fixed Windows resizing problem upon open [Rob Heath] Upgraded plugin version Recompiled with latest tool chain Fixed problem with detection of default folders (Import, Export and Upgrade) due to path formatting problem for MacOS Fixed problem Read more about Character Tool 3.3.0 available[…]

Problems with Java 1.6.0_b20

After the latest Java upgrade (Version 6 build 1.6.0_20-b02) a plugin required for Character Tool 3 stopped working properly, causing problems when opening the application – it will fail almost right away, and then quit. See the Support page for more information.