Character Tool 3.2.0

Finally, after spending many late nights developing, testing and in general improving Character Tool, it is now available for download.

I would like to extend my thanks the beta testers, among them Scott Pfeiffer, Ian McKinnon and Mike Kuehn. Your help with testing has been invaluable – if it weren’t for you, 3.2.0 would be a much buggier release!

Changes for version 3.2.0 compared to
This update contains several fixes and improvements, a major revision of the user interface and major change in how rituals and spells are stored. It also fixes an issue with printing.

The update is free for all Character Tool 3 license holders and is a recommended upgrade.


  • Added import and export of settings, allowing users to share the settings between applications [Thanks to Anders Bersten for pointing out the obvious].
  • Added “News & Updates” function to make it easier to keep users updated.
  • Added new internet upgrade verification method when upgrading from revision 2.x.x to revision 3.x.x to simplify upgrades. [Thanks to Martin Legg for inspiring me to do something about it].
  • Added Private setting for spells that should not be included when randomly creating a character [Thanks to Ian McKinnon]
  • Added Quantity for equipment [Thanks to Innisfree McKinnon]Changed
  • Layout for About section.
  • Revised layout design.
  • Deleted the “Restore” functionality to make development and testing simpler. Will partly be replaced by the new Import/Export settings functionality.
  • Deleted XML export/import buttons, since they are replaced by import/export of binary files instead (see “Added import and export…” above).
  • Deleted “Register” button since it isn’t needed.
  • Fixed minor look and feel when indicating a manually set ML in the list of weapons for a character.
  • Improved activation code entry – filtered out non-digit characters such as space-characters etc.
  • Improved the upgrade process from Character Tool 2.2.0 [Thanks to Martin Legg for inspiring me to do something about it].
  • Changed the amount of Piety Points for Clerics and Shamans to 5 x WIL [Thanks to Ian McKinnon].
  • Improved equipment list presentation when printing.


  • Printing problem for Character sheets where pages where displaced [thanks to Scott Pfeiffer].
  • Minor issue with size of Window being to small when starting up application.
  • Major issue with selection of rituals where it was not possible to select a ritual when there is multiple rituals with the same name for different deities [thanks to Dave Coulson].
  • Major issue with selection of spells where it was not possible to select a spell when there is multiple rituals with the same name for different convocations [thanks to Dave Coulson].
  • Problem when finding non-tribal pregame rituals when rolling priests.
  • Issue when importing Shek Pvar characters where the spells weren’t imported properly.
  • Bug for the English character sheet where combat skill Skill bases weren’t shown properly [thanks to Anders Bersten].
  • Problem with Character import where the import attempted to overwrite AML & DML which depend on selected weapon and cannot be changed for an individual character.
  • Fixed problems with Armour sets [Thanks to Mike Kuehn]
  • Fixed issue with Minor PC’s throwing an error when no NPC’s are in list [Thanks to Mike Kuehn]
  • Fixed issue when navigating from Minor NPC’s to Random (Thanks to Mikael Kuehn]