Character Tool 3.2.6 available

This version contains minor (but important) bug fixes.

Changes for version 3.2.6 compared to 3.2.0
The update is free for all Character Tool 3 license holders and is a recommended upgrade.
Upgrading from older versions than 3.1.0.x is supported in this version – if you need to retain your characters from older versions please contact me.

Upgrades users of Player Character Tool to GM Character Tool.



  • Fixed tooltip text for Full size portrait under Background [Thanks to Anders Bersten]
  • Fixed propblem when randomly re-rolling attributes which causes the value to always be 10 [Thanks to Xavier Chung Minh et al.]
  • Locked the “Tell me the truth about” from editing in view mode.
  • Fixed a bug in 3.2.5 that caused the Armour sets to be reset [Thanks to GunnarGreyBeard]